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What Makes A Man Attractive To Women? (The Dirty Truth)

What Makes A Man Attractive To Women? (The Dirty Truth)

The more women you’re willing to reject, the more attractive to women you will become. This is counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

If there is one thing that turns women off more than anything, it’s neediness. A man is being needy when he is willing to sleep with a girl no matter what she does or says.

Neediness is suffocating. It shows that you take getting with a girl way too seriously and that you don’t believe you could get another girl of the same caliber if you wanted to.

Most of the guys I’ve met who have trouble attracting women (and there are many) have a problem with neediness. They see girls as a means to an end. These men will happily sleep with any physically attractive girl because that makes them feel like they “won”.

Men with this mindset don’t meet women to connect with another human being, but to get a sense of accomplishment from sleeping with a girl.

These guys don’t have standards for themselves. They see a hot girl as a prize to be won, so they are desperate to get her. Her personality is irrelevant. Her values are irrelevant.

When you see women as mere sex-objects, it’s impossible to have a real human interaction with them. And, of course, a man who sees a woman as a human being is much more likely to attract her than a man who sees her as a gold coin.

If you have no standards for what you will accept in a girl, women will feel like you’re using them for your own ends – this is an inherently repulsive feeling.

What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

Part 2: Have High Standards

The best way to eliminate neediness is to develop standards. Instead of being the guy who will do anything to get with the hot girl, you want to be the guy who’s interested in the hot girl but hasn’t decided if he wants to sleep with her yet.

Pretending that you have standards won’t trick a girl. Neediness is expressed in your body language, your vocal tonality, and your overall demeanor: you can’t hide it. You have to develop actual standards.

A good place to start is to make a clear list of what you won’t accept in a woman you’re considering dating (in whatever capacity). For reference, here’s a few of the things I won’t accept in a woman:

  • If a girl has any kind of drug addiction, I’m out.
  • If she’s unhealthily narcissistic, I’m out
  • If she has a negative mindset, I’m out.
  • If she is uninteresting, I’m out.

What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

Part 3: Know What You Really Want

When I’m interacting with a woman, I’m screening her for the above traits. She might be a perfect ten in appearance, but if she’s narcissistic and uninteresting, I’m not going to sleep with her. To do so would be selling myself short.

The only reason I would sleep with such a girl is to get a sense of ego gratification. I’d be doing it so I could tell my friends about it, not because to do so would actually be enjoyable.

If you really think about it, what’s the difference in having sex with a girl who’s an ‘8’ and a girl who’s a ‘perfect 10’? The sense of accomplishment you get. That’s it. Physically, sex is no better with a model than with any other girl (so long as she has a decent body).

Our society teaches us to glorify physical beauty above all else, but this leads us to chase empty relationships based purely on ego validation. This conditioning also makes us less likely to attract beautiful women in the first place because we see them as a prize to be won rather than human beings we can connect with.

In my experience, at least, sex is better when you actually like the person. Physical attraction is important, too, sure. But I’ve been with extremely beautiful women in the past who I didn’t have any chemistry with – and it was crappy.

Wrapping Up What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

Writing a list of the things you won’t tolerate in a potential sexual partner and rejecting women who don’t meet those standards is a powerful strategy for becoming more attractive to women. (By the way, it’s also useful to write a list of the things you do want in a partner.)

When you’re interacting with a beautiful woman and you’re willing to reject her depending on what she does and says, the entire dynamic changes. Instead of acting like a guy who would do anything to get laid, you will act like a guy who has an abundance of options.

Your non-neediness will make you infinitely more attractive than all the desperate guys pining after her. But this starts with taking a moment to write out what you want (and don’t want) in a girl you’re considering having a sexual relationship with.

(Of course, willingness to a reject a girl isn’t the only thing that will make you attractive, but it’s extremely important. Don’t neglect develop other qualities like your social status and your self-confidence.)

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